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Contacts: 0792245949 

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 Situated in West End Shopping Mall in Kisumu. Adjacent to Java Coffee House.



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If you like home-made, visit us.


The Farm Shop will provide an outlet for our own produce from Koru. In addition we will attempt to provide the discerning shopper with delicacies that are not available in other supermarkets in Kisumu.

All our produce is traceable and we will endeavour to provide good quality produce at all times.

We are also supporting neighbouring smallholder farmers and cottage industries by providing an outlet for their products, such as fruit and vegetables in season. They will not be frozen or kept in cold storage.


 We will be stocking the following:


Frozen Meat - all from our own farm.






Dairy Products


Fermented Milk – Maziwa Lala



Cheeses – Tilsiter, Farmhouse, Lancashire and Feta

Ice Cream - made from real cream, sugar and eggs. It beats Ben ‘n Jerry’s or Häagen-Dazs hands down!


Fresh Farm Eggs.


Fairleigh Jaggery, Syrup and Brown Sugar – great for baking, sprinkled on natural yoghurt and porridge or even on its own as a sweet. Kendall Mint Cake eat your heart out!


Fruits,Vegetables & Honey from our farm and our neighbours through the Nyando Valley Development Trust.


Preserves from surpluses of fruit and vegetables in season.







Oils from Pure Nature Products.

Sesame & Peanut for cooking.

Avocado for your skin.


Baskets made by the widow of an ex-employee.


Farmers Choice Products that are not generally available.


Other comestibles – Bovril, Marmite, Carr’s Table Water Biscuits, Branston Pickle, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce! What do you need?   

Fairleigh Fermented Whole Milk
Broiler & Spring Chicken
Fairleigh Cheese

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