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Bike 2016
Home Nyando Valley Development Trust Fun Bike 2016








This years fun ride had 23 entrants but unfortunately, only 19 made it to the starting line. The ride started at the Finlays. Lemotit Farm inlet road from the bitumen at Londiani and did a 13 km loop round the back of the Finlays farm and reaching the edge of the Tinderet Forest, with some fantastic vistas to be admired by the less competitive riders, and a short but very slippery downhill section that felled many riders, before returning to the bitumen at Barsiele and a refreshment stop. The next stage was again on unsealed roads for 12 km almost reaching the edge of Tinga Farm, then back to the North Lumbwa road and returning to the bitumen. A couple of long hills which taxed many riders were faced in this stage but much needed refreshments were again available at the end of the stage. The third stage was down the bitumen to Koru, a distance of about 30 km. Fairly plain sailing but with a strong headwind, which necessitated peddling even on some downhill stretches. In spite of the wind, it was by now getting hot. The turn off the bitumen just before the main road into Koru saw the 3rd and last refreshment stop. The last stage to the end is always very taxing with many riders struggling up the last hill in the heat, but with the prospect of a cold drink at the end. For  Duncan Stickler, this was not enough and he chose to take an alternative route which had an even steeper hill at the end. He admitted to stopping for a breather half way up but did pedal all the way up that hill. Full marks to Duncan. Perhaps next year we will have a special route for him!


To the sponsors of the event, we thank you very much for your very generous contributions. Your support will contribute significantly to helping us carry out re-afforestation, soil and water conservation projects as well as contributing to improving the livelihoods of many people living in the Nyando River Valley Watershed. With increased awareness and support, we hope to reach out even further, to more members of the community.


Our thanks must also go out to the participants and the support crew, without which this event would not occur. In spite of the challenges on the day, we hope that you enjoyed the event and that with your continuing participation, we will be able to hold the event again next year. Bad luck to the 4 who did not start the ride but we hope that next year you will be able to join us. In 2015 we had the Leakey brothers at 10 and 12 years old join us. This year Arthur Owino at 11 years old made a gallant effort. Although he did not complete the whole ride, he put at least one of the older riders (Jimmy Brooks) to shame with his perseverance. We hope that other young riders will be encouraged to join us in future events.


We must also thank Jeremy and Laura Froome, who with the help of David Kinja, Antony Nganga and Jesse Ngugi, availed several bicycles for hire to those who did not have their own machines. We are very grateful for their efforts which allowed for a greater participation in the event.



Special thanks must go to Simon and Robin Davies whose tireless efforts bring this event to pass. Without them, it would probably not happen!


Please click on the link below to see lists of participants, sponsors and support crew.

Bike Ride 2016 Participants,Sponsors and Support Crew 







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