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Bike 2015
Home Nyando Valley Development Trust Fun Bike 2015



I would like to thank you all for coming for this ride. Your participation in every way is appreciated. I hope you have enjoyed yourselves.


Thank you to all our sponsors, Homa Lime and Mazao Yetu for their generosity, and to those of you who had to toil very hard behind and in front of the riders in your vehicles in case there were some who could not complete the course.


I would especially like to thank Simon and Robin, Simon for all his organization and for marshalling the sponsors and Robin for being the inspiration behind it all. She has been saying that we need to do something for NVDT for many months, if not years.

Sheels and Robin plus your helpers, for agreeing to do the water stops and last but not least Mags for providing breakfast to some of you and lunch to all. A big thank you.


Some of you are accustomed to attending Harambees where you have to listen to some politician talking nonsense and then later you might hear that the big cheque has bounced and yet your children are hungry because you gave your last 100/-? This Harambee today goes to helping our local communities to build a better life for themselves. NVDT’s aim is to help people to become self-sufficient so that more of us can contribute to a better future for all. I do not yet know what we have collected but I promise it will be put to good use. It will not be used for the JPB benevolent fund. I hope that this event was better than standing in the sun watching people under a tent drinking and eating, whilst you are left hungry and hot.



Before I start to sound too much like a politician, I will end by thanking you all again. 

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