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Bike Ride 2017
Home Nyando Valley Development Trust Fun Bike 2017



Nyando Valley Development Trust Fun Ride – 2017.


This year’s fun ride saw 28 riders at the starting line. The ride took place in and around Koru with the route taking in everything from grass tracks, to rocky slopes, graveled roads and some bitumen. Obviously true mountain bike terrain, as one participant who came on his racing bike threatened to go out and come on a bike better suited to the route next year. Two days before the ride we had a deluge but fortunately the night before the ride, there was no rain, so there were only a couple of short muddy stretches. The route consisted of two sections, with an option to return to Kweisos House after the first phase (30 km) or for the more energetic, the second phase took in an additional 20 km, apart from the few who missed the “excellent” signage put down by Marco Maggione.


To the sponsors of the event, we thank you very much for your very generous contributions. Your support will contribute significantly to helping us carry out re-afforestation, soil and water conservation projects as well as contributing to improving the livelihoods of many people living in the Nyando River Valley Watershed. With increased awareness and support, we hope to reach out even further, to more members of the community.


Our thanks must also go out to the participants and the support crew who manned and catered for water stops and supper breakfast and lunch, without which this event would not occur. In spite of the challenges on the day, we hope that you enjoyed the event and that with your continuing participation, we will be able to hold the event again next year. This year we again had only one young rider, Jono Opande, 13 years old, who completed the first phase. This must have been a training exercise for him as we believe he is soon to compete in an international swimming event, representing Kenya. Good luck Jono. 


Special thanks must go to Simon and Robin Davies whose tireless efforts bring this event to pass. Without them, it would probably not happen!



Please click on the link below to see lists of participants, sponsors and support crew and photos.


Bike Ride 2017 Participants 

Bike Ride 2017 Photos


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