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 Our Products: 

  • Hydrate of Lime
  • Calcium Fertilizer
  • Super Calcium Fertilizer 
  • Calcium Stockfeed
  • Building Stone
  • Chippings/Ballast
  • Limestone
  • Lime Grit
  • Quarry/Kiln Murram

The surveyed limestone reserves on company land amount to 65 million tonnes but there are also some unsurveyed deposits. In addition there is limestone in the vicinity of in excess of 20 million tonnes.

The limestone is a carbonatite. This is volcanic in origin, unlike most limestones which are sedimentary rocks. As a result, the stone varies in colour from dark grey to light ochre due the presence of other compounds apart from calcium carbonate, such as oxides of manganese, phosphorus and iron. This also results in the hydrated product being light grey in colour. Except for very particular applications, these impurities do not reduce the effectiveness of our product. Limestone is quarried and then crushed and graded for various uses.

Hyrdate of Lime - Our Principle product.
Our principal product is Calcium Hydroxide (Slaked Lime). This product complies with International Standards such as KS02-97/1982, KS03-221/1983, BSS 890/1972 and ASTM C25. It is used in the sugar, leather, water treatment, building and road construction industries among others. This product can also be used as a wash, light grey in colour but works just as well as whitewash. Production capacity is 90 tonnes per day, packed in 25 kg sacks.


Hammerkop House, Nanyuki. Earth and Lime Construction


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Calcium Fertilizer

This product contains calcium which is an essential macro nutrient for plants. It is also used for soil conditioning, both to reduce acidity and to make heavy clay soils more workable. In Kenya most soils are excessively acid, due to leaching of forest soils by heavy rainfall and also due in many cases to continued use of nitrogenous fertilizers, most of which are acidifying. If lime is not used to correct this we will suffer reduced yields and continuing food insecurity. Field trials in various parts of the country have shown the benefit to be obtained from increased yields of most crops by the application of lime to the soil without use of additional fertilizer

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Super Calcium Fertilizer

This is a mixture of calcium hydroxide (soluble in water), calcium oxide (less soluble) and calcium carbonate (least soluble). It therefore becomes available to the plant and reduces soil acidity much quicker than conventional crushed limestone.

Super Calcium Fertilizer Distributors List

Calcium Stockfeed 

This comes as a powder (<2mm) and is suitable for mixing in animal rations. Our limestone has up to 2% phosphates, which can be a valuable addition to your ration. We also produce a coarser product ideal as Poultry Grit.

Building Stone 

Hand dressed stone is available in 9” x 4”, 9” x 6” and 9” x 9”sizes. These give an extremely attractive finish to a wall when not plastered due to the varying texture and colours of the stone.


Various sizes from 1/4” up to 1” are available. Because our limestone is volcanic in origin and has a crystalline structure it is harder than conventional limestones and thus the chippings can be used effectively in concrete for floor slabs. (We do not recommend this product to be used in multi-storey construction).


Graded for size

Lime Grit

Another by-product from hydrate production. This can be used to stabilize boggy ground and also makes an excellent road surfacing material. It can be used in foundations for buildings as a filler, providing it is well watered before covering. It is also excellent for livestock yards which tend to be dug up by animals hooves in wet weather as it sets hard. In addition it has a disinfecting effect and so reduces parasites and pathogens.

Quarry/Kiln Murram

A good product for applying to areas where flooding and water-logging occurs. It has the effect of drying out the soils and rendering the area more stable. It can also be used in foundations for buildings as a filler and as a road surfacing material.









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