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Nyando Valley Development Trust




From 2003-2021:

Average nursery size: 15,000 seedlings/year

Self-sustaining tree nurseries: 44

Dependant tree nurseries: 20

Trees planted: Over 10 million

Homa Lime has been instrumental in the establishment of the Nyando Valley Development Trust, a Community Based Organisation, and at present is the principal sponsor of this organization. Currently, the Company donates the services of an Extension Officer, his transport by motor cycle and all administrative duties required to run the Trust.

The Trust aims to provide extension services to any farmer within the Nyando Valley Watershed with regard to establishing tree nurseries and woodlots, and agricultural, veterinary and artificial insemination extension services for these farmers. The area covered is largely rural. Part of the area was developed for sugarcane growing in the 1960s but production of cane over the last 40 years has declined for various reasons and there is a significant proportion of land lying fallow. The rest of the area unsuitable for growing sugarcane was subject to subdivisions after independence with little development since, leaving us with many subsistence farmers who are producing little surplus and having low disposable incomes.
The Trust also aims to help the community  to market their produce, be it milk, maize, sugarcane, woven baskets, honey, timber or any other form of produce. This should result in wealth creation, whereby the people will be able to build their own schools and medical facilities without being dependant on outside funding. For example, out of 36 tree nurseries that the Trust has helped to establish in the last 7 years, at least 12 of them are now income generating and able to purchase their own inputs.

Although in the short term the Trust is dependant on the generosity of outsiders, the aim is to help our people to become self-reliant and independent in the long term.

Should you feel that you wish to donate towards this very worthwhile cause, please contact the Trustees, c/o Homa Lime Co. Ltd.

Nyando Valley Development Trust

c/o Homa Lime Company Limited.
Private Bag,
KORU   40104,
Tel: 020 2333678/9, 0722 754664, 0733 666606

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