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Socio-Economic Contributions

Land has been donated to various organizations such as the Catholic and Anglican Churches. We have also been heavily involved in the building of St. John's Primary and Koru Girl's Secondary Schools in Koru as well as donating building materials and land to many other schools, health clinics and churches in the area.

In addition we have built our own primary school, Legetet Hill Primary School on the farm. The capital cost of establishing this school was borne by the Company but we do charge fees to cover the day-to-day running, including the teachers' salaries. This school is non-profit making and when it does start to show a profit this will be used to improve the facilities.

Homa Lime helps farmers locally to develop their cane farms and tree plantations and to harvest and transport their crops to the mills (click on Nyando Valley Development Trust). In addition we allow neighbours to collect water from us and we maintain many of the roads in the area, ensuring accessibility to neighbouring properties.

We host frequent visits by educational institutions and farmers' groups, who come to learn how our various enterprises run.

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