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 Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services


In order to optimize production from your land it is essential to have the correct soil fertility conditions. Having a healthy, well balanced soil with the correct pH and calcium/magnesium ratio soil will mean farmers can reduce fertilizer and pesticide inputs, as the crop is able to access more nutrients from the soil and remains healthy to fight of diseases and pest attacks.


Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd (CROPNUTS) was established in 1998 and is East Africa's leading independent, ISO17025 accredited soil, plant & water testing laboratory ( CROPNUTS provides soil testing services to farmers through its DAKTARI wa UDONGO (Soil Doctor) Agent program. CROPNUTS will carry out full soil analysis on farmers soils and advise on the correct amount and type of lime and fertilizers to correct and balance your soil conditions for the particular crop you wish to grow.


Homa Lime Co. Ltd. has now been appointed an agent for Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd.


For anyone wishing to have soil testing carried out, please contact Homa Lime direct or through Nyando Valley Development Trust staff. They will advise on sampling methods and will collect the samples from the farmer and forward to Nairobi for testing. The testing will be charged for at prescribed rates by the Laboratory. 


Read the following case study to see how a farmer in Trans Nzoia increase profit by 81% by carrying out soil testing through DAKTARI wa UDONGO (click on the link below)




To see their Daktari wa Udongo video click the red button below:

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