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On Sunday 26th April, we held a sponsored bicycle ride from Londiani to Koru.

We had a total of 29 cyclists ranging in age from very nearly 60 years old down to the Leakey brothers, Harry (12) and Elliot (10), having to encourage their Dad. Several of the riders, had not ridden bikes for many years and some of them only acquired their bikes 3 days previously, so no real training had been done. Some of the others on the other hand were regular cyclists, so we had an enormous range of levels of fitness and ability.

The ride started on the bitumen road just behind Londiani town and came down the new road to the Kipkelion turn-off where the first water stop was sited. This first leg of 22 km had several kilometres of climbing, so it was not all easy going. However the day was still cool and riders were fresh, so few people had any problems.

The next 20 km leg was mostly down hill, including the Tunnel Hill which provided an adrenaline rush for all the riders and even some of the spectators, ending at Kandege (Southern Aircraft). This leg was completed in less than half an hour by the fastest riders and an hour by the slower riders.

The third leg had two options. About half of the riders took the easier option along the main road for 9km to Koru which presented no problems to any of the riders. The other option was 12 km from Kandege up the hill on an unsealed gravel road, winding round the hills to Saoset and ending up at Koru with a water stop just before the Koru Catholic Mission. This leg was quite challenging as there was a lot of mud, so the road was very slippery and also the mud was sticking in the bicycle wheel arches.

The final stretch of 4 km from Koru up to Greenhills was a real challenge. All up hill, at midday and it was hot. Unfortunately, some of the riders had to get lifts up this last stretch.

Although the ride was not a race, first home was Laura Froome (her cycling ability came before she married into a more famous cycling family), followed closely by the oldest rider of the day – he’s pretty fit for his age! We had two riders using “Black Mambas”. Jua Kali was defeated by the final stage after making a very strong showing throughout the day. Could this be due to the fact that he now owns a motorbike, so the bicycle is rarely used? The other, Felix Polo, who was like the proverbial tortoise to Jua Kali’s hare, completed the course. Well done to both of them and to all participants, whether they completed the course or not.

Nyando Valley Development Trust is most appreciative of the contributions made by all the riders, and the helpers. Particular thanks to Simon and Robin Davies for their organisation of the event and Robin for a water stop, Sheels Ballard who did two water stops, Ken and Karen Grant who were the starters and Margaret Brooks for the post-ride lunch. Thanks also to Nandi Spring for the water they supplied and to Homa Lime Co. Ltd. and Mazao Yetu Ltd and their staff for their logistical support and last but not least those who sponsored the ride with cash donations, Jeremy & Laura Froome, Al-Karim Mitha, Nigel Leakey, Sheels Ballard,Simeon Hutchinson,Simon Davies and Karebe Gold Mine.

The total collection for the day was KSh.101,600/-. This will be put towards purchasing a new motor bike for Felix (Black Mamba rider), who is an extension officer for the Trust.

See you again in 2016. 

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